Electric Powered Vehicle Labels

June 11, 2021

Changes to legislation in Queensland have been made in relation to electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.   These vehicles must now be labeled on front and rear number plate to help first responders to identify these vehicles and dealing with them in certain situations.

These vehicles can pose a risk to emergency service workers and the label means they can deal with the electric (or hydrogen) vehicle and discharge the vehicles high-voltage power source if required.

This new legislation applies to vehicles built from 1st January 2019 onward.

More information can be obtained through Queensland Transport (Vehicle Safety and Standards) Regulation 2010, Section 140 & 14.

The department is writing to all registered owners of these vehicles to notify them of the change.

Labels must meet certain standards so ensure you check these before adding any label to your number plates.

Dealers will be placing the stickers onto number plates for all new and used motor vehicles sold.